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Totally tackling tasso

Length: < 1 min Tasso ‘ham‘ (a slight misnomer as it’s made using shoulder rather than the pig’s hock) is a Louisiana Cajun style preparation and, I’m told, one of the easiest hams to cure at home. Shoulder as we should all know by now,… Read More »Totally tackling tasso

To Hav or Hav not?

Length: < 1 min It’s sea-urchins. Of course to have! “just as in some rare Corsican wines, perhaps one in a case of twelve, you can taste the heavenly scrub-fragrance of the maquis, so through the sea-urchins of this dish, the one native gastronomic… Read More »To Hav or Hav not?

A gallimaufry

Length: < 1 min Redolent of fry-up, no? And maybe also to suggest a galley on-board ship? A fine mix of ideas, no? If the word gallimaufry doesn’t make your mouth water, it may be because you don’t know its history. In the 16th… Read More »A gallimaufry

Kenyan via Kent

Length: 2 mins This pig farmer is “thekenyanpigfarmer” also known as Flavian Obiero, who came from Kenya, via Wingham (just outside Canterbury), to wind up running his own small council-owned tenant farm in Hampshire. Having moved to the UK — aged 15 —… Read More »Kenyan via Kent

A return to where?

Length: 5 mins Young girl Yesterday evening, her Apple News app had, in that frankly scary, “I know you better than you know yourself” way that algorithms have, scrolled up a report of a new gallery — stocked with artist names she knew… Read More »A return to where?


Length: < 1 min Mett? In the old Saxon language — from which the word derives — it simply means “food”. And of course, it is. I was reminded of this one by Gay who — despite her German connections — still apparently shudders… Read More »Mettbrötchen

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Length: < 1 min “A bad day to perform rituals?” I think not. It’s International Workers’ Day today, after all. Celebrate the gains made; plan to ensure everything for everyone in the future. Here’s to us all, raise a glass to the comrades, past,… Read More »Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

A trackside trail of bowls…

Length: < 1 min Rather apposite, it reminds me of my piece on the cross-Channel ferries china debris… In the 1990s, when I travelled around Hunan by train, there were vendors at rail-way stations with trolleys full of steamers stacked with food: for a… Read More »A trackside trail of bowls…

a trail of smashed bowls at the side of a railway track in China
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