5 weeks prep, 5 minutes to devour

I’ve talked about the delights of lardo in various pieces on this site before.

This recipe below (which needs approx. 5 weeks to prepare) comes via Ollie Dabbous. I’ve absolutely no desire whatsoever to eat as his place, Hide

Hide restaurant

@Evening Standard

…which is an obscenely over the top temple to, frankly, bile inducing pretentious, haute cuisine allied to an uncanny ability to extract obscene amounts of cash from gullible punters’ pockets.

It’s why the interiors of all the rich mansions you see are stuffed with the most hideous fucking tat. “More gold”, “more marble”, “more dark wood” seems to be the callout to their designer. And the designer just adds a few more zeros to the bill. As do the chefs of the Dabbous & Keller school of cuisine.

Remember, Belcampo’s meat isn’t organic or local, The Willows uses Costco chicken, Thomas Keller uses Hormel ham, BUT people will still continue patronising their businesses because it’s all about perception. These businesses sell superiority. They are adept at making the consumer feel superior to working class, BIPOC people. And that quite frankly sucks.

All that said, this recipe tickled my taste buds. I aim to try this when I can find a reliable (read: local and known) source for the pork fat.


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