A van full of pork? You’re all talk…

Regular readers will know that I’ve been thinking for a long time about my own business involving pork. In some form or another. But it’s a popular place to be. Lots of people have the same plans. So, maybe not tomorrow…

But whilst reading a short e-book,”Launching A Food Startup”, by Jamie Berger of PittCue fame, I found mention of a great site for used catering equipment (there’s a huge turnover in and second hand market for this sort of gear as startup restaurants come and go — which is a timely reminder and warning if ever one was needed, that this really isn’t an easy or guaranteed route to untold riches) where I saw that, for just £38,000, I could be the proud owner of — and even be able to drive it away — a food van business.

Almost “instant food in a box”. I was tempted…

2016-05-02 at 17.15


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