“And a good heart, these days, is hard to find”

With a tip of the hat to Fergal Sharkey and accepting that this is the wrong internal organ, I’d kind of just assumed that people had stopped asking for pork chops with the kidney still attached — just as I remember them coming from the butcher in the old days — as I see them so rarely, even in the good butchers in the area, but speaking to the hugely helpful team from Brook Farm Butchers in Little Staughton who we met at St. Neots farmers market today, I’m encouraged to hear that a lot of people are still asking them to supply them intact, just like these beauties below.


These particular chops come from their own free ranging Gloucester Old Spots and they also farm Tamworths. Plus, they’re only a few minutes drive away from us, so fit really well into the Buy Local ethos. Just look at the beautiful layer of fat laid down and that lovely colour?

I’m going to remove the kidneys and devil those separately and then sous vide the chops to a J. Kenji López-Alt recipe producing something that I hope looks exactly like this


using my newest addition to the tools of the trade, this great sous vide precision cooker from Anova Culinary

2016-05-14 at 19.35

We shall see… I’ll keep you posted.

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