Comfort me with offal?

via @RuthBourdain, an exhortation to the chef; one that brings tears of joy to my little heart, if employed correctly. And, without a doubt, the pinnacle, the very apex of said devotion, is the oft-mentioned Fergus Henderson, whose exquisite work is seen here being consumed by Eater’s Nick Solares.

But as well as a suitable life motto, it’s also the title of a great book, that, at the princely cost of $0.99c. ranks as a huge (recycled) bargain as well as a fascinating read. Some of her first words…

“What the fuck is ‘air-dried chicken’ anyway? And what’s up with Padma Lakshi? Is she stoned on Top Chef?”

give you a flavour of what follows.

Her book dedication? “For Pork”. Finest kind. Highly recommended.

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