Dashi’ng around for Japanese food

2017 isn’t that far away now; so we’re planning routes to take & places to visit to get some expert tuition on the things that rock our boats. I’m starting looking at the food part of the Japanese tour. And where better than with this recipe for 豚汁 tonjiru (or “pig soup”) from Richard H. Turner via his “Hog” book.  I have some free-range Gloucester Old Spot pork belly in the ‘fridge and will make some dashi rather than the pork broth he recommends. Or maybe both? What do you think? Both, right? OK, done. Both it is.

The dish is planned to come out looking a little bit like this.

© Richard H. Turner

And this is his recipe.

© Richard H. Turner

After watching David Chang rave about good miso and tofu, I’m am sooooooo looking forward to this trip. A lot. A metric fuck ton of a lot. I’m going to be like the proverbial little boy in a sweet shop. Sorry; you’ll have to put up with these ravings for some months.

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