Eat EVERYTHING from the ark?

The @slowfooduk Ark Of Taste product range that is; I’ve mentioned them a lot before on the blog inc. here and here but after @val_littlewood paid for our membership of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust it occurred to me only half jokingly that this would be a fine, fine project to undertake.

The most important way we — the general public — can help to preserve this produce in all its many and varied forms and flavours, is to EAT it. Eat as miuch of it as possible, as often as possible. Buy it from the suppliers, many of whom struggle to make a living from their Herculean efforts. By buying it, you keep up the demand for and thus the willingness of, these self-same producers to keep on carrying on doing the great work that they do.

There’s (currently) 100 items here; and whilst some can be consumed on the same plate, it’s still going to take me a few days to get them in, cooked and eaten. Wish us luck.

And at number 85 is my Huntingdon Fitchett Pie — a righteous inclusion, I talked about before.


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