Get ahead; get a head pie.

I just know Val will roll her eyes at this and say “what, not that bloody Fergus, again“, but sorry sweetie, no apologies for highlighting again the work of two masters of their craft (rather than the more plodding efforts displayed by this amateur — yours truly — in the previous post).

First, here’s Fergus and St. John’s Pig’s Head Pie — seemingly endless layers of pigs head & potato lovingly, mouth-wateringly, cradled inside a buttery pastry. Can’t you just see yourself rolling into that…

© St John’s 2017

…immediately followed by a shot from the young pretender to all things “nose to tail”, Mr Tom Adams of his speck sausage. That fat. Oh boy, that fat.  Excuse me whilst I go and wipe the drool off my chin…

© Tom Adams 2017

About Salute The Pig

Charcuterie, smoking, curing, brining and all things porcine. Brought to you from deepest, darkest Cambs, England by Chris Bulow. In the smoker or in the kitchen.... Salutate porcum!
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