Grrls Meat Camp

This was an initiative I saw flagged up in a section in the excellent (& passionately written) “Crafted Meat: Or the Wurst Is yet to Come” by Hendrick Haase — who I mentioned in my previous post — which, as he’d taken the time to highlight it, prompted me to do some more digging.

It ties in with earlier pieces I’d written on women (or the lack of) in farming, cooking & butchery which I’m sure is at least partly down to the omni-present stench of too much testosterone, the whole macho, rock-star, tattooed to the whazoo, ‘tough man doing tough stuff with hot hunks of meat’ thing *; a really bad approach if you hope in any way to encourage women to bring their skills and passion and knowledge into this area. And that’s a huge, huge waste of a vast pool of talent and enthusiasm.

*[ Yeah, yeah, yeah; guilty as charged, I know].

Setup by the inimitable Kate Hill (photo below), her group aims to rectify these shortcomings and, since 2011 they’ve brought on and trained over 1,000 women. Her aims and ethos are encapsulated in this short sentence

“To inspire, instruct and initiate a sisterhood of farmers, butchers, cooks and teachers, giving voice to women working with food animals and meat” Kate Hill, Founder Grrls Meat Camp

All credit to her, her “graduates” and the work they’re now doing around the world. If you’re a woman reading my blog, this looks like a great group to get involved with, both to further your skills and just have some fun and all without having men ‘explaining’ things to you.

Kate Hill

She’s another one of those over-achievers (‘teacher, coach, cook, mentor and author, with more than 40 years of experience in the food industry’) who both amaze me with how much they manage to do and exhaust me when considering even attempting to emulate just a small portion of it; she also runs charcuterie classes from her Gascony farm. The results look stunning…

Go grrrls. What’s not to like?

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