Hang that pig! OK, but for how long?

An Observer piece (today: 21st Feb ’16) on pig farmer Richard Vaughan whose Huntsham Farm supplies Simon Rogan’s “l’enclume” with Middle White pork is well worth a read. Note how long he hangs even just the “usual” pork he supplies— for 13 days, unusual to hear of that being done with pork; but Simon seems to agree that it works and as Richard says “that’s how our customers like it”.

He also hangs some pig carcasses for 55 days using an old fridge — which bears out my belief that you don’t have to spend huge amounts on gear — and this length of time in that cold dry air, results in a piece of dry-aged pork that Rogan compares more than favourably with the very best offered in the Iberico hams; and that’s high praise indeed.

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