Happy Hindsholm Grisens hogs

via @chrifrapug (Christian F. Puglisi’s) “Relæ: A Book of Ideas”, I came across a description of this breed, a name new to me.

So, sensing yet another blog post almost writing itself, I read on about these pigs, raised on the island of Fyn (or Funen in English), Denmark’s second largest and also called its ‘garden island’. Looked after by a wife & husband team Carla & Poul Lang Nielsen; it’s a crossed Duroc (a breed that we’ve all agreed before do rock), a great one for taste, voluptuous dark red meat, marbled fat and their fecund breeding abilities.

Christian talks about their quality here:

“The fact that Hindsholm Grisen lives longer meant that the fat on it’s firmer, it is pearly white, and it is immediately less watery. We saw that it was almost melted fat, while the fat from other animals bubbled and skim before the water evaporated.”

So, not a pedigree variant but interesting none the less as, yet again, it shows how well pigs can perform when treated with kindness and concern and compassion. You need to read their own descriptions of how they work this farm and how they treat their animals. It’s a blueprint for everyone that doesn’t already and they look as happy as any pig should

Finally, although my Danish is crap (aka “non existent, despite watching large quantities of Scandie noir thrillers”), this visual is self-explanatory. Here’s to happy pigs…

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