How many women butchers are there?

I’ve no real idea (and I guess the correct answer is likely to be “not enough”) but back in 2013, of the approx. 7,000 butchers in the retail meat industry then in the UK, the lady highlighted in this Guardian piece, Charlotte, was thought to be one of only three women (0.04%) working.

Yes, you read that right — THREE.

In 1851, the census showed 1,779 female butchers, out of 68,000 butchers in total, so the percentage has dropped a lot over the years.

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And so to Charlotte who, after this piece on her 2013, went on to buy her own shop in her home town of Newcastle.

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I’m still trying to find some more up to date numbers (and if anyone can help with some validated numbers, please feel free to ping me a message) to see how women are doing in 2016, but it’s good to see that Turner & George have done their bit at least to ensure that the butchering industry becomes slightly more representative of the overall gender mix.

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