How much does our beauty cost?

And what will I get for my money?

Both, very sensible questions. So, here’s the details you need. The book will be available after our public launch at Easton Walled Gardens on 8th September. Along with all of the other items that we are ready to send to you in exchange for not a huge sum of money.

Don’t forget to sign up to be sure to be in with a chance to get a copy of the limited edition book and box.

And don’t forget that a portion of the profits from all our sales goes towards the preservation work being undertaken by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

You’ll get a warm inner glow in knowing that you’ve bought this unique set of highly collectable items and, at the same time, have helped save the very rare breeds that we’ve written about and whose prints are at the centre of all of the works. That’s what’s known as a win-win situation…

About Salute The Pig

Charcuterie, smoking, curing, brining and all things porcine. Brought to you from deepest, darkest Cambs, England by Chris Bulow. In the smoker or in the kitchen.... Salutate porcum!
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