I’m a butt-shucker. There, I said it.

Fish For Thought supplied a dozen of their very finest Cornish (Pacific) oysters, which I fought my way into this weekend*. From the rear end. No sniggering at the back please!

© Yvette Cardozo – Getty Images

Which makes me a “butt shucker” rather than a “bill shucker” which is much the better (read “professional”) method as I’m pleased to see is confirmed by none other than Ted Stearns, winner of the shucking competition at the 2015 Bearfoot Bistro World Oyster Invitational & Bloody Caesar Battle in Whistler, British Columbia. Go me eh?

© Fish For Thought 2016

* [and yes, they were truly delicious. I ate them all. Rapidly. Greedily even]

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