“I’m an Englishman in New York”. Well, Kentucky actually.

This beautifully written piece highlights the problem endemic in the American approach to industrial farming. An approach that we’ve, more and more, chosen to adopt here. And one that, with the advent of The Orange Stain (aka Trump) over there and May and her insane Brexit death-dance here, is going to be an increasing cause of danger to us all.

An abandoned building in Owsley County, Kentucky. © MARIO TAMA / GETTY IMAGES

The writer, James Rebanks, is a sheep farmer in the North of England; this piece was an op-ed in the NYT recently talking about America and a trip he made through Kentucky, but his warning is one that applies to all non-factory farming, non-industrialised combine farmers i.e. the vast majority of them around the world.

An English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America - NYTimes.com

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