Inhaling “MSG Ketchup”…

Thanks to the entire team @TemperLdn, both FOH & BOH, for making it such a great lunch yesterday. Mr Rayner loved it in his visit last year; we’d echo that sentiment. Apart from the sound-track. Too loud for these tinnitus damaged old ears but the more junior members of the party seemed content (and recognised more of the tracks as well). Ah, youth. I am become my father.

So, to the food. Between the four of us, we made pretty good inroads into most of the items offered. The tacos are small enough that you could easily start with at least 2 (or three) different ones before moving onto the meat & fish section which was more substantial. Recommended by me, are the smoked Saanen goat and the beef chilli and bone marrow. But then none of the plates we ordered had anything left on them when it came time for the server to clear them away, so I’m pretty sure you can just dive into anything on the menu and not be disappointed.

The jhal muri and the grilled corn sides were fantastic [my long-term aversion to corn is rapidly disappearing, as you can see] and one of the sauces, the aforementioned MSG Ketchup, was particularly umami full. I loved it and asked one of the team members for the recipe and he obliged as you can see below; this helpfulness seems to be par for course for the great service levels here. Friendly, aware, knowledgeable.

Desserts disappeared rapidly, along with a great flight of three aged mezcals. A bottle of the Syrah had already been killed during the meal. So, the verdict? Temper’s highly recommended as a destination. I’d go back in a shot as there’s still items I need to try. And, for the absence of doubt, I can’t take issue with anything Jay said about the place 😁


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