Just the one dip, FOOL.

Only one dip onto the secret sauce; that’s the secret. Plus, it stops me catching anything from you if I follow on…

I think I’ve mentioned how much I want to eat Matt Abergel’s food in Hong Kong. His wizardry with the chicken has to be worth a trip there just for that alone I think. Equally, I’m not sure when that sort of overseas travel will ever happen now, but his book is definitely something you should order.

Chicken and charcoal by Matt Abergel

I was reminded of his skewers by a piece in the Japanese edition of FOOL Magazine

…where they described pork horumon from Chikara, in Osaka. It’s a dish usually made of beef offal but here, they use all the great pieces from the pig. And they remind you that dipping the skewered pieces into the sauce is expected. But only once. Are you an animal? No, no you’re not. So, just one dip.

Horumon Chikara, Osaka
and I then found this video which sealed the deal for me.

I miss Japan. I really miss Japan. Maybe, one day.

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  1. Thank you Gay; and a Happy New Year to you and John & the rest of the family. I promise to keep on writing x

  2. Gabrielle Richardson

    Happy New Year Chris.

    Love it when I open my emails to see Salute the Pig!
    Another sumptuous feast or a piece of information I didn’t know I needed.
    Words that send me rushing to the dictionary.

    So looking forward to what come next……


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