Look what the cat dragged in?

As Neil Young would say, “This note’s for you”, Gay.

This piece is accompanied by the Stones singing the post’s title. Finest kind…

Diesel having done his dirty deed, this bird, deceased, was definitely dutifully delivered today:

A dead pigeon

Here, via the very wonderful Fergus, is a simple recipe to use it up:

Required: 2 knobs of butter and a sprig of sage per pigeon.

(Pluck feathers & remove innards, for later consumption. Or just give ’em to Diesel).

Season the pigeons inside and out. Stick the sage into the cavity of the pigeon, with a walnut-sized knob of butter. Get an ovenproof frying pan hot, and melt some butter; when sizzling, brown your pigeon in the pan, being careful not to leave the pigeon breast down against the hot pan for too long, as this is the most delicate part.

Right your pigeon so it’s breast up and place in a very hot oven for 8–10 minutes. When the butter inside the pigeon has melted it’s a good indication that it’s ready. Remove from the oven and place upside down on a warm plate somewhere warm but not so hot as to carry on cooking the bird (this allows the butter to seep into the breasts, and moisten them), and leave to rest for 10 minutes, by which time the breasts will be a blushing red.

Peas and pea leaves make a happy pillow for the pigeon to come and rest on. Pigeon starts with a P and so does Peas, maybe this is why they get on so well together.
Serve the pigeon with a sharp knife.

(excerpted from “The Complete Nose to Tail”, p.174 © Fergus Henderson)

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  1. I love that image of the pork chop suddenly ‘appearing’! Val tells me you’ve had them all specifically trained as thieves in the night. Kind of Fagin and his band…

    Pigeon’s really nice, delicate, but juicy.

  2. Gabrielle Richardson

    Once again delicious recipe, I would have no trouble stripping its feathers off or relieving it of its lights and livers.
    If you lived nearer I would then happily hand it over to you.
    I’ve never eaten Pigeon! They dont normally get delivered in such a recognisable state.

    Love the blog and of course the Stones.
    I wonder what he will bring tomorrow. He did once bring a pork chop, it was cooked, he stole it from someone’s barbie……

  3. Hah; such a waste of good protein. Especially with Brexit ahead… Glad you enjoyed it! x

  4. Gabrielle Richardson

    Well thankyou Chris another sumptuous recipe. I feel bad that the pigeon is cuddled up to the rat in the green bin.
    Oh! that we lived near to one another, you could have an endless supply of pigeons, a particular favourite of Diesels.

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