Love it? Loath it?

Remember Liebig? I mentioned this “polymath for nerds” man quite recently. His “bouillon”, the subject of this poster, that I stumbled across recently at the framers

Bouillon oxo

mutated over the years to become (this variant is the XO, super tasty, super strong version), thanks to great English taste buds, this delight,

© Jacob Shepherd 2013


still the subject of heated arguments in England. In some parts of the globe it even provokes nausea or the gag reflex. The Australians have some piss-poor, weak as dish-water, variant called Vegemite. We can draw a veil over that abomination. Typical bloody Aussie.

Aged about 10 or 11, I remember competing with my cousin to see who could put the thickest layer of Marmite onto their breakfast toast (when staying with “Aunty” Val that is; if I’d have tried to attain this level of greed & stupidity at home, I’d have been, rightly, severely chastised by my mother). We managed to get to something that may have been over 1/2″ deep in the black gold. And if truth be told, even I found it a little too much to take. But I wasn’t going to admit that to David. So, swallowing deeply, we declared an honourable draw.

Marmite is deep, deep, deep in an umami flavour. And really is a “love it or loath” it, no middle ground, taste. I love it. As you might have guessed.

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