Lucent; or how to really spoil your day

I’m pretty sure they named it this to shine a light into some dark corners…



  1. glowing with or giving off light.
    “the moon was lucent in the background”

… of the Australian landscape. It’s a crowd-funded feature-length documentary about the vast, yet — like most such factory farming environments — largely unseen suffering inherent in Australia’s pig factory-farming industry. Shot by the team at Aussie Farms at over 50 farms via a combination of hand-held and hidden camera footage, it graphically and unflinchingly highlights the day-to-day cruelty accepted by the Aussie pig industry as par for the course.

People who eat pork need to watch this; the same thing is still happening in farms and slaughter houses all around the world; such abuse and suffering is agnostic and knows no boundaries. It’s not pleasant viewing (unless you’re some sort of psychopath, you know, a Tory or a Republican) — it’s not meant to be — but such information needs to be shared so that conscious choices can be made by you about the type of meat you eat, how you eat it, from where it’s sourced and how often you choose to consume it.

You can view the full video here or, better, why not head off to their site and watch it there as they’ve other great pieces on other farm animals caught up in the same factory farming machine — spend some time looking around — and then donate to help with their ongoing work or buy the DVD…


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