Northfield Farm; talking and buying

We drove up to Cold Overton in Rutland to meet up with Jan McCourt at his Northfield Farm and to talk about his great Lop pigs — a breed rarer & more threatened even than the marvellous Mangalitsa — about his cattle and about his philosophy on farming and food.

I’ve written up a history of this very old British breed here.

Much more on this visit later, so for the moment, here’s a sign outside the shop that pretty much sums up what he and his family and enthusiastic team are about:

Northfield Farm sign

Northfield Farm sign

and a photo that sums up the importance of this pig from the British Lop Pig Society

A rare British Breed; the Lop

A rare British Breed; the Lop

and pork scratchings by Mr Trotter

Mr Trotter scratchings packet

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