Now THAT’S fresh!

Any guesses what this is?

© Fruit Pig Company 2016

“Fresh blood black pudding mix” I hear someone shout? A round of applause to that lady in the back row. Correct!

And something that most people won’t have seen (or even eaten) unless they have a friendly farmer or butcher close by as this is how you’d normally see it offered for sale and often produced from dried blood powder. This delight however is made with fresh, local pig blood by the very wonderful Fruit Pig Company of East Anglia. And if it’s good enough for Tom Kerridge? Yup; then it’s good enough for anyone.

And this is how fresh was done “back in the day” at the butcher. Smithfield.

30th December 1924: A Smithfield butcher at work with many carcasses and joints hung up around him. (Photo by MacGregor/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

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