One-quarter of the world’s pigs died of swine fever in ONE year in China


‘Great’ news for the factory farms of the US who’ve ratcheted up their horrendous mechanical processes to produce more factory-bred pigs for export to the Middle Kingdom 中國. For the rest of us, a mind-bogglingly awful loss. No words are adequate really. Read this piece for more forensic detail.

CNN pig photo China

China has a long, deep & expansive relationship with pork. So much so, that this loss means that >100million animals have had to be slaughtered, burnt & buried.

Number of pigs worldwide

The problem was actually exacerbated by China’s attempts to control the spread of the disease…

Chinese pigs authorities

along with some unintended consequences via the way that farmers were to be compensated…

Chinese pigs authorities 2

and the willingness and speed with which criminals were able to take advantage of the situation, inc. using drones to drop infected meat into ‘clean’ areas…

Chinese pigs authorities 3

There’s no end in sight yet; and this swine fever could easily reach Europe. It’s a fucking tragedy.

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