Mangalitza curly coat goodness

Courtesy of the hugely enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable, very helpful & delightfully informative, Brian & Sylvia Codling at Rectory Reserve, we spent a morning looking around the rolling Wold hill-side pens, being sniffed at, snorted & drooled over and generally enquired of by some of the 70-odd fantastically friendly Mangalitza pigs living there.

Swallow-bellied Mangalitza called Mangal

A reminder of how much fun it is to be around pigs. My love affair with pigs re-kindled.

Mangalitza Curly Coats

Then, after tea in the kitchen, a chance to root around in the treasure chest of porcine goodness that is Sylvia’s freezer.

We came away, with for us, admirable restraint, less than 3-figure expenditure, on some wonderful cuts & meats, including a great piece of pork belly that will be cooked later in the week.

Pigs are everywhere, even hiding in the undergrowth:


Oh, and the best pork scratchings in England? Pretty sure they’re right when they say Sharkey’s Traditional Black Country variants…