Pick a pintxo; punch a Nazi

With events across The Pond unfolding daily, all involving yet more of the madness of The Orange Stain, it’s beginning to look more and more like an outtake from The Man In The High Castle. So, we have decided that, until Trump is ousted and his Nazi followers sent back to the swamps from which they’ve crawled (hi Milo!), we’ll not be visiting anytime soon…


So, sadly, we’re going to miss out on a visit to see the Ossabaw Island hogs, eating our way through North Carolina, visiting old friends in DC and going to Houston for Cochon555.

We’ll instead, punch a Nazi (or ten) over here in England and are now planning a visit to the heart of the Basque country, inc. San Sebastián to eat metric fuck-tonne quantities of pintxo, the Basque version of tapas. They’re called this (it means “thorn” or “spike”) as a toothpick or wooden spike is used to keep the gorgeous, fresh, local ingredients from falling off the bread (as well as to keep track of the number of items that the customer has eaten!).

© Euskal Etxea 2016

There are over 600 restaurants in San Sebastián inc. Arzak, run by father & daughter team Juan Mari Arzak and Elena Arzak Espina and rated 21st out of the top 50 around the world, but also lots of the small, almost hidden, dark and shaded, family run bars that we enjoy so much. I have a feeling we’ll not starve…

And we’ll also be paying a visit to look at the Euskal Txerria pigs on the Urdapilleta farm …

© What About Leo https://whataboutleo.com/blog/

…and drinking the amazing, still (not sparkling) and with some sediment left in, hard, local Sagardoa sidra (“cider”) .

© Miki López

There’s a good piece on this from the team at Serious Eats here; remind me of this link when I’ve drunk too much to remember it would you and tell me not to try this traditional method of pouring?

We’ve other trips planned inc. a Scandie one, so, sorry America, maybe in 4 years we can come back?


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