Pig-head mortadella

Chefs Connie Desousa and John Jackson of Charcut Roast House created this one when they first opened their restaurant in Calgary, a little unsure about the reception for “pigs’ heads” in what was a “steak-and-potatoes” town, but it seemed to work.

Pig-head mortadella

The face, excised from the head and then sewn up, makes a perfect vessel for holding the delicate emulsified meat, filled with pistachio and truffle mortadella mix and then roasted gently for approx. 9 hours. It’s then sliced, using their classic Italian hand-turned, red Berkel, into paper-thin pink sheets, studded with green pistachios. They serve them, fluffed and piled onto a wooden paddle, alongside a bowl of the locally named “prairie caviar” or grain brassica mustard.

Finest kind.


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