Pig’s head dipped in sourdough & deep fried…

If that idea doesn’t immediately make you salivate and want to know more, please check your pulse for activity. I mean, come ON! What’s not to like about this whole idea? If you’re here and still reading, you sure aren’t purely vegetarian…

I’m in the middle of reading through a massive tsundoku pile of books (fiction and non) that somehow seem to have been delivered and just accumulated over the last few months of lock-down and, rural gomi-like, have just layered and layered themselves upon accreted layer.

This is one of those piles:

I’m currently slowly working through “Fäviken”, by Magnus Nilsson, the story of the 4,015 days that the eponymous restaurant was open for and the reasons behind the closure and what he’s done since. Quick answer: bought a huge apple orchard and is now learning how to be an apple grower.

It’s very good. Honest, self-deprecatory, thought-provoking, funny. Not the cheapest one in my shelves but one I’ll come back to again & again.

This was one of the many recipes that caught my attention when flicking through.

I’m pretty sure that when I put this one up that it’ll look nothing like this exquisite box of delights, but equally you can be sure that it’ll taste damn fine.

It’s also illustrated with this rather haunting picture of what, I’m convinced, is the ghost of chef Paul Cunningham, an Essex lad but of mainly Danish cooking fame, now running the 2 star Henne Kirkeby Kro and who was invited to open Noma but declined, instead suggesting René Redzepi. Both he and Magnus are really good photographers. And have Leicas. Not at all jealous of their skills or kit, no Sir, not me.

Here’s Paul. See what you think?

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