Pornburger me…

I mentioned this great chef Matthew Ramsey, before, just over a year ago and finally his book, the result of a huge amount of work on his part, only some of which has been documented on his website, has arrived here…


(exactly a year to the day after I first placed the order) …

There’s also been a lot of writing by me going on in the background and some fun travelling, of which more later, but I’ve also been spending some time reading this marvel [LINK to buy]. Which I recommend you run out and buy straight away. Seriously, it’s that good and I’m going to be boring you with tid-bits from it for some weeks to come. Which explains (slightly) why there’s been no recent updates on the blog.

[The new knives you see in the shot above also have a story to tell; that’s part of what I mentioned above]

Here’s just the first recipe that caught my eye when flicking through it:


And remember kids, in the words of the inimitable Anthony Bourdain, “your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.” It might all be downhill, but it’s one helluva trip…

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