Seaming the Mangalitsa like “The Master”

I came across a copy of this fantastic “seam butchery” guide via the — now sadly no longer updated, but still remaining as a great Mangalitsa resource — “Wooly Pigs” site, run by a Heath Putnam who, back in the early part of the 2000s setup America’s first Mangalitsa company breeding, importing, proselytising & selling them in the US and beyond. He did a fantastic job explaining to a disbelieving American public quite how wonderful the meat and, importantly, that gorgeous fat from this breed can be. I’m not 100% clear why he’s no longer writing or selling but believe the business was taken over by Mosefund Farm.

Smoked Mangalitsa back fat sausage © Tom Adams, Coombeshead Farm

[And if you, gentle reader, still have any doubts about how right he is, this Mangalitsa smoked back fat sausage from Tom Adams at Coombeshead Farm should dispel them.]

The Master was always the best of the Dr Who villains, at least for me, but in this case, the title refers to the description given of Christoph Wiesner by April Bloomfield mentioned in my last piece.

I recently got in touch with Christoph wanting to get his agreement to posting this guide — which had earlier been produced for Heath back in 2010, as he’d bought his first breeding stock from the team at Dewiskentale in Austria — and his wife, Isabell Zernitz-Wiesner, replied quickly, confirming they were happy for this to be done (although she asked me to point out that any typos aren’t their fault!) so, here it is, with grateful thanks to them both and to the International Association of Mangalitza Pig Breeders.

Mangalitsa butchery

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