The best sous-vide ribs in the world?

Via @John_Barlow_LS9, comes a recipe by @PepeSolla, a Michelin starred chef and owner of the eponymous Casa Solla, the former a great writer on all things Spanish (but most especially Galicia, as witnessed by his excellent “Everything But the Squeal: A Year of Pigging Out in Northern Spain“).

© J. Kenji Lopez-Alt 2015

It’s just 3 steps to eating heaven…

1.Take ibérico pork ribs (quantity is entirely up to you), a bay leaf, some crushed fresh garlic, some chicken stock, a little olive oil and a pinch of Szechuan pepper & seal in a sous-vide bag

2. Cook in the water bath for 11 hours at exactly 70°C.

3. Bone ribs, then pan-fry, briefly, to toast the skin.

And then? Then grasshopper, you just eat them. John described his experience thus:

“… they make you cry when you eat them. They are about the best thing I have ever tasted.”

Or if this process seems just a little too easy for you, then you can always follow the more involved version by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt guru of all things sous-vide at The Food Lab — whose photo I’ve used above. Pretty damn sure either will be the bomb though.

Me? I’m off to get some Mangalitsa ribs; I’d pitch them against ibérico any day. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Hi John.

    It’s a lovely fatty pig; it’s kind of a favourite of mine, so have written loads of panegyrics to the breed on the site e.g.

    But will of course post lots of “work in progress” and final results shots 🙂

  2. But is the Mangalitsa fat good? I’ve never tried it. Post pictures and tasting notes!

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