The earth beneath my feet

“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

I lay no claim to greatness but we have this lovely print on the wall above the fire as  a reminder of the importance of trees.

Martin Luther quote about trees

And have just got the oak sapling to stage where, in about 50 years, it’ll be a decent size.

Oak tree sapling

And this is how the cherry tree looks today. The bees, of every variety are in 7th heaven with the flowers and nectar on offer.

Cherry tree in full blossom

And finally, the wormery continues its magic, turning food scraps and bits of newspaper into stunning compost. A real circular ‘economy’. Fuck capitalism.

Earth from the wormery

A lot of the world is going to hell in a handcart but we continue to plant.

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  1. I’ve asked the Queen Bee to give you her advice on the bee question; I am but a drone.

    Amazing amount of worms in the compost here, I left it out overnight so they could find their way back to the colony (or make a tasty snack for the hedgehogs, depending on who won that race). This cold wind isn’t great but at least there’s some sun — just need rain now, although digging down there’s still wetness an inch or so down. Sheesh, it’s hard work this gardening shit isn’t it? Allotment doing OK here, spuds are making their first appearance above the ground, so have to do some spadework later today.

    I Fucking hate Tories. And this lot rank up there with Thatcher for sheer evilness. The corruption isn’t new of course, just they’re not trying to hide it anymore. Guillotine time I think.

    Love from us both to you and J xx

  2. I have just read your post after watching the Andrew Marr show 🙁
    What a load of fuck wits running our country…..

    So thanks Chris a real mood booster 🙂
    My cherry tree blossomed a couple of weeks ago however I have broad beans
    that the bees are loving.
    So nice to see the garden waking up.

    Will have to rethink my bee hotel, must only have a one star rating it has remain empty for two winters now. Any advise gratefully received.

    Love Gay x

    John made two raised beds last year and one he filled with homemade compost this year it is teaming with worms 🙂

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