“The World’s Favourite Breed”? Introducing the Large White…

Favourite? Well, maybe… certainly that’s true if the breed is measured by volume or number.

Which as you will know by now, having got this far with me, isn’t how this particular blog looks to judge the worth of a pig.

That said, the breed is one of the most prolific around the world (as well as in England), so I rather grudgingly accept that it deserves at least a page to itself, at least if I’m trying to be as exhaustively detailed as possible. Which I am. So, this is it. Filed under History Notes as always.

But who couldn’t love this sleeping lady?

One of my earliest memories of living on the farms, is peering through the bars on the gate of their pen (too small to look over the walls at that point) looking at the pigs dozing peacefully in straw strewn sleep areas, listening to their snuffling and muffled grunting as they, dreaming, rooted around in the ground and through the undergrowth, looking for food treasures. It was always warm in the pig pens, even in the depths of winter, so when the outside world got too cold — even for a kid — there was where we’d choose to defrost our hands and feet before we dashed back out again.

Truie large white

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