This is your brain. On drugs:

The excellently named @offalchrisChris Cosentino points out — rightly — that there’s an offal lot more people eating innards and gizzards and guts nowadays. But he then goes on to bemoan the fact that, after all his (and others) hard work, “it’s stopped being cool.”

Tough shit say I; lots of us civilians have also been saying “this stuff is wonderful” for years and years and years.

That said — to be fair — he’s absolutely no dilettante but a damn fine chef and a big advocate of mental health in the kitchens*; his commitment to using all of the animal runs deep and long, so I suppose I should let him get away with that one comment

*[and as you can see from this shot, is a published author as well. Bastard]

He also plates some fine looking food, truth be told. This is his “This is your brain on drugs” dish. It’s a simple one, made up calf’s brain in brown butter, duck egg, mint, and toast. And shaved truffles if I’m not mistaken. Looks stunning.

© 2017 by Michael Harlan Turkell

And then I go on to read this piece and decide once and for all, that he is very much one of the good guys. I mean how can you dislike someone who adds “brain-aise” to the pigs’ head dish?

So I guess I have to take back what I said about him. He does after all share the same first name as I and has some good looking ink to boot…

© Photographer: Mark Mediana

Which reminds me of this last final apposite quote to leave you with. Dine well everyone. It was my birthday on 29th, so I did 🙂


‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’ Virginia Woolf.



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