We all love our Mangalitsas

But some of us (inc. yours truly) are more infatuated than others…

Tom Adams — star of Pitt Cue and Coombeshead Farm amongst others — rhapsodises about them and they’re served on the menu at the new Pitt Cue near Liverpool St. as you can see. The pig sketch isn’t bad at all; not up to Val Littlewood standards of course but hey, but then not much is.



And I managed to blag* a huge poster from him that used to adorn the old Pitt Cue in Soho after it closed down and this is a small portion, highlighting the swallow bellied Mangalitsa that he’s farming down in Cornwall

*(OK, it involved me handing over some folding stuff but still…)


Aren’t they just gorgeous.

And finally, Brynheulog Rare Breeds & Butchery. Wales. Genius bunch. Just look at how they use their loved pigs…



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