Well done France! Supermarket waste reigned in…

A quick update here, as this was something I’d missed from earlier in the week, when writing my earlier posts:

French supermarkets banned from throwing away and spoiling unsold food
‘Supermarkets will be obliged to sign a donation deal with charities’


Up until now, to stop foragers, some supermarkets in France had poured bleach over the discarded food or storing binned food in locked warehouses. I mean what the actual fuck?

From The Independent:

The new law was voted unanimously by the French senate this Wednesday after a petition was launched by Courbevoie councillor Arash Derambarsh.

It will apply to any supermarket with a footprint of 400 square metres or larger and if companies flout the law they could incur fines up to 3,750 Euros.

Jacques Bailet from Banques Alimentaires, a network of Food banks, told the Guardian:

“Most importantly, because supermarkets will be obliged to sign a donation deal with charities, we’ll be able to increase the quality and diversity of food we get and distribute”


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