What is soil?

Road-blocked, with so many possibilities clashing inside my brain that I was stalled, spinning around & around, wondering where and what to start with. Whilst still working on Salute The Pig, my next writing project(s) are intended to cover grains, soil & zero waste. Oh, and fish. All wide ranging subjects, massive subjects, deserving of and needing — if I’m not to sound like a fool — care & attention and research. So, where to start? What to start first?

Talking to Val helped smash the log-jam (as it always does) when she said “zero waste isn’t part of the soil/grain project, so just start with this question ‘what is soil?’ and then go from there. She’s right. So, that’s what I’ll do for the grains & soil. The zero waste ties in neatly with the writings on nose-to-tail and tail-to-fin working with pork and fish.

Cutway model of a domestic compost bin, photographed in Duthie Park Gardens, Aberdeen

© Bruce McAdam from Reykjavik, Iceland

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