Beer and bread

How about one from the other? There’s a huge amount of bread wasted in this country…

Wasted bread Toast Ale

…so, on the theme of wasting nothing (which I have been banging on about, I know), here’s the fine folks at Toast Ale (brewers of equally fine ales from ‘waste’ bread) looking for some additional crowd-sourced funding. If you have a few pounds to spare, you could do worse than throw it their way …

1 million sllces of bread saved

And the beer is excellent; trust me. Would I lead you wrong about something so important? No, no I wouldn’t.

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  1. Ah, Bread pudding! Love that as well. I think I’ll have to suggest that to Val this weekend. The Tonkotsu made a fine ramen — Val approved 🙂 Thanks again for the support!

  2. stale bread in this house is turned into Bread Pudding, I grew up believing it was called Costers Wedding cake!

    How was Tonkotsu broth?

    Loving the wealth of blogs.

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