Buy our “10 pigs” recipe book

Recipe book

This book which accompanied the “Salute The Pig” set of Letterpress prints is available to buy on its own. It contains 10 recipes showcasing some of my particular favourite ways of cooking and presenting each of the ten rare breeds. The recipes we give here are in the same order as the pigs printed in our limited edition book and for ease of reference, each breed name is also given in the recipes’ title.

The joy of pork is that it’s both such a forgiving and giving meat. It co-operates with pretty much every ingredient and it’s hard to get a result that’s completely wrong when cooking. That said — whilst there’s no doubt that the breeds in the recipes are pretty much interchangeable — I think they’ve been matched best to the dish that they highlight most effectively. But, feel free to differ, to go ‘off-piste’. They’re only recipes after all, not sacred writ.

PRICE (inc. 1st Class Royal Mail Signed For delivery & packaging): £13.00


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