Go, garum, go.

Red Boat Fish sauce anchovies & barrels

I know I sometimes bang on about fish sauce. No apologies from here though — sorry —  ‘cos if you know, you know… A rather spiffing new book came out just after Christmas 2021, one co-written with chef Diep Tran of Good Girl Dinette in LA, author Tien Nguyen (who… Read more

Fine feasting on Fergus’ faggots

Fergus' faggots

Yeah, sorry good people of America, I know that’s a problematic word for you. But us Brits were here first with this UK food item, so just live with the ambiguity. Life is after all ambiguity. There’s rough edges, there’s gaps and holes. There’s uncertainty. That’s how it is. And those of you… Read more

Just one more thing…

Chef Columbo

There’s a deep, rich humorous lode, albeit one that’s already been mined and minted somewhat, from many of the scenes of Peter Falk playing “Columbo”, where he’s caught eating or snacking or simply apparently starving, musing on how long it’ll be to his next meal and, in the meantime, dipping… Read more

Going in for a kill…

wood engravings by Reynolds Stone

Rather you than me. You remember the old saying that starts “You can take a horse to water…”? In comparison with this serving suggestion, that’s a sunny, quiet, calm, walk in the park.   I came across this recipe whilst looking at this lovely old wood engraving by Reynolds Stone which… Read more

Welsh Iberico?

Ariel from Forest Coal Pit Farm

This pig breeder, Forest Coal Pit Farm, based in the Snowdonia National Park, popped up in a @JennyLinford piece about the collapse of Farmdrop this week (and in my browsing history back in 2019). They’ve still got their ‘native’ Welsh Blacks (not one of the traditional rare breeds), seen in… Read more