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Pig butchering; a scam?

There have probably been a few butchers that have attempted to defraud their customers — I’m sure dating all the way back to when the trade first started, in pre-history days*. Some headlines from the past 20 years give a… Read More »Pig butchering; a scam?

Researchers discovered cut marks on this fossil antelope leg bone from Koobi Fora in Kenya, dating to 1.5 million years ago. © Briana Pobiner

Berlin yakitori

Kreuzberg, Berlin, baby. Stoke Berlin, baby. One day…

A centipede of pork chops

An apposite quote via the rather talented Chris Cosentino (I mean he’s a Chris, come on, what do you expect?): His attraction to offal is well documented and as you, gentle, bright, smart reader will have already worked out, he’s… Read More »A centipede of pork chops

Chris Cosentino & offal

Salt me some meat, mate.

Is there any culture, ethnic group or country that doesn’t have some sort of salted pork or beef dish; one that often sits front and centre? Religious dietary strictures aside, of course. And yes, I know the same process isn’t… Read More »Salt me some meat, mate.

Jellied stock…

Don’t those words make “you shiver with antici–Pation” (a hat tip there, for Tim Curry’s “Rocky Horror” tour-de-force)? Known as Pi dong, in Shanghai where it’s frequently used to ‘stuff’ soup dumplings. It’s a rich stock, sliceable when chilled but… Read More »Jellied stock…

Am I bitter? Nope.

Eating bitter. 吃苦 (chīkǔ) A Hakka concept. There’s an element of “pain first, then pleasure” (or maybe better, say “sweetness” rather than “pleasure”, so that you don’t think I’m simply straying into S&M territory) or “no pain, no gain” implicit… Read More »Am I bitter? Nope.

Kimchi Kojin kilned

The hand-built kimchi jar has gone into the kiln overnight, for its first firing to biscuit. We suitably propitiated the kiln god and rang the kiln bell. It’ll have cooled enough be able to be handled around 8pm tomorrow I… Read More »Kimchi Kojin kilned

Brown clay pot, with black and red and white skeleton fishes imprinted on it.
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