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Memory and memories

Length: < 1 min I should probably put this quote as the disclaimer for pretty much all my posts as well… “This is a memoir. It’s how I remember and believe things happened. Sometimes, I changed names and descriptions. Other times, I reordered or… Read More »Memory and memories

DuckSoup? Goat’s Head soup?

Length: 2 mins The first, a restaurant in Soho… …and a Marx film (the brothers, not the German philosopher) …whilst — continuing the vaguely political theme — we have here, a döner shop called The Communist, run by Turkish man Yasar Armagan Ipek,… Read More »DuckSoup? Goat’s Head soup?

Cucciddatu, is it true?

Length: < 1 min This one comes via Marina O’Loughlin — according to the ‘photo name — although  I can’t recall exactly where I plucked it from (probably Twitter though), sorry. And despite what she says,  surely someone in the UK is making these… Read More »Cucciddatu, is it true?

Pig skin and Century eggs

Length: 6 mins Apropos of nothing here (although I did recently do a piece or two about congee here and here), I see that Lisa Lim of the South China Morning Post writes that the Western name, “congee,” is actually borrowed from “Tamil kanji (also the… Read More »Pig skin and Century eggs

It should be a given…

Length: < 1 min It is my belief that prices on the menu should include everything associated with both making and serving someone’s food. Anything else is externalised wage-theft. Get rid of tipping. Pay the person a living wage. Remember kids:  

The playlist; the journey

Length: < 1 min Here’s some of the Spotify tracks I’ve put together as a (very, very long) play-list as part of the Victoria Line ‘mission’. Will give me 678 hours of travel time, give or take…

Starring, in Germany

Length: 2 mins Not THE measure but certainly a measure of how a cuisine is seen. To be honest, I was amazed when I saw that Germany ranked 4th in the world. Especially after reading BFS had bemoaned both the lack of good German… Read More »Starring, in Germany

I ain’t no fool

Length: < 1 min Some may argue against this claim but so what? Anyway, here’s BAO London for April.


Length: 6 mins Visions of the baby from The Flintstones, of Superman against the other bad-guys from Krypton and Batman & Robin fighting off the villains (and all the other cartoon super-heroes over the years.) This isn’t that BAM, BAM. This one comes… Read More »BAM! BAM! BAM!

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