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I mustard mitt…

…that I didn’t know if these pots for the home meal table were even still made as I remember my Dad explaining that Mr. Coleman — of eponymous mustard fame — apocryphally made his fortune on the mustard that was… Read More »I mustard mitt…

An Edward VII antique silver oval mustard pot of generous proportions, engraved with a castle crest within a foliate armorial surround with thread edging, domed hinged cover with compressed ball finial and angular handle, 8cm high, makers mark S.G for R & S Garrard and Co (Sebastian Henry Garrard) subsequently Garrard & Co, London 1906, 152gms, 4.8ozt, with original clear glass liner and a George III old English pattern mustard spoon, makers mark T.W. for Thomas Wallis, London 1808.

Hog spews

Thanks to writer Neal Stephenson’s latest “Termination Shock“, today I learned about this phenomenon which are — just as it sounds — pools of spews from wild pigs. “Over time, indigestible stuff accumulated in a hog’s stomach. Eventually they would… Read More »Hog spews

A red coloured bristly hog, tusked, rooting around in some rather dry, arid soil. It has a long tail and large testicles.

Never trust a Tory.

A truism that is even more relevant and apposite today, than ever before in my lifetime. The latest report that prompted this was via a post by the very lovely people at Wicked Leeks. Local abattoirs is a very good… Read More »Never trust a Tory.

My childhood has been plasticised.

There’s no logical reason really why finding out that Patum Peperium (“The Gentleman’s Relish”) now comes out of a plastic container, rather than the little earthenware jar I remember it previously in, should make me more than a little sad.

January sucks.

I’m sure poets and writers over the centuries have expressed that idea both more beautifully and poetically than I. But, in all honesty, the dark days and nights, the hangover of the shit-storm that hit the world over the past… Read More »January sucks.

A rectangular unfired clay model of a kitchen god. The plan shows the design I’m building, including a pair of huge hands, a small, pin-head, a window into the over of its stomach, a spoon to stir things up and various utensils to eat from.

Don’t get all crabby

This warning last year to “Get Out Of London” was one of the few signs that The Crab People were returning after millennia hidden from human view. After they came up out of the Thames, a roiling, boiling mass of… Read More »Don’t get all crabby

get out of London crabs

Eater of sins.

A Cornwall breakfast conversation some years back led to a discussion about these people. It seems appropriate somehow to post this in a week when at least some of you are thinking of maybe doing a little less sinning (in… Read More »Eater of sins.

A Welsh funeral of 1814, showing the custom of passing food across the body of the deceased. Hand-coloured engraving by I. Havell for The Cambrian Popular Antiquities

More reading on feeding

There’s another tsundoku build-up happening here in the house, despite m̶y̶ our best efforts. We’d both agreed to reduce the number of books and, as a result of the ensuing culling frenzy, I’ve managed to recoup approx. £717.05 worth of… Read More »More reading on feeding

Book: A Taste Of Home

Elevated eggs

Saw this piece via Dezeen, of a house in Prague & the thing that caught my eye was the fried eggs on the (not a) hob ‘thing’. Floating. I have, er, questions about their cooking chops…

A kitchen in a room in Prague, with the fried eggs apparently cooking themselves & floating over the hob

A cook, a book & Milton Glaser

I couldn’t immediately recall who suggested this book (illustrated by the estimable Milton Glaser) in their end-of-year-gift-list-for-people-you-actually-like. Jonathan (@demarionunn) at Vittles? Nope. Lewis Bassett and The Full English pod-cast? Not there either. Got it! It was Ben Benton of the… Read More »A cook, a book & Milton Glaser

This book cover is by the wonderful Milton Glser. It shows an incredibly thin, tall man, dressed all in black apart from the white of his chefs' hat. He's casting a drk shadow across the pink background.
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