The Cooking Gene & MSG

HT to Michael Twitty @koshersoul for this new addition to the kitchen work-top (it replaces boring old, plain, pepper) & to @hels for her great MSG tip, a jar of which also now sits at my left-hand, when cooking.

The first suggestion comes from his really rather wonderful “The Cooking Gene“* whilst the second is from her recent piece in The New Yorker.

* [it has pork in it — amongst many other delights — so that absolutely, 100%, makes this totally needing of a Salute The Pig article. You should immediately go out and buy this. It’s by turns, fascinating, informative and disturbing e.g. when you read that American slaves had been roasted alive in an oven for some imagined failing in the kitchen…]

Cold streets, hot metal in Amsterdam

Eurostar-ed to Amsterdam with @val_littlewood to meet up with Thomas Gravemaker at LetterPress Amsterdam; to spend 5 working days turning the lino-cuts — that Val had painstakingly designed, cut and checked (oh, and my words of course) — into ink on paper.

Here’s the intrepid artist, hard at work and being filmed (unbeknownst to her and I) by Thomas. Excuse the off-camera comments from yours truly; I’m asking questions, not guiding.

The press is a Vandercook and the paper is Zerkall.

The main printing complete, the book is now waiting for the end papers to be designed and printed and then Val moves onto the work of binding it all together. So, not much to do now (joking).

There’s more shots here of the work involved.

So, desperate to get hold of a copy (and who wouldn’t be?)?

You can; just sign-up here