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Ham heaven from black pigs. Pata negra on the hoof.

Length: < 1 min Just a taster, so to speak. A much longer piece with words coming this weekend. Just to whet your appetite. Enough food puns now, you think? Credit to Serious Eats for the ‘photos.

Cinco Jotas Ham Cellar

Serious pig?

Length: < 1 min Of course; we’re not messin’ around here, ya know.

Pitt Cue; Pork Heaven

Length: 3 mins We’d been wanting to get to eat at Pitt Cue for ages but for various reasons, until this weekend, we hadn’t managed to get through the door (at least whilst they were open — MEMO TO SELF: arriving during the staff break time really… Read More »Pitt Cue; Pork Heaven

Pitt Cue Cookbook

What a load of tripe.

Length: 3 mins Tripe… A word that you might have only heard from your granny. Along with “offal” (which some folk seem to think rhymes with “awful”) and “gizzards”, it is one that has been known to send American friends run screaming for… Read More »What a load of tripe.

Macsween Haggis

Out damned spot(s)…

Length: 2 mins Give them shelter from the weather but let them out to roam across the fields & pastures. That’s how pigs were always treated until the comparatively recent advent of factory farming and a lot of people are currently now, and… Read More »Out damned spot(s)…

Pigs in The Smoke

Length: < 1 min We didn’t get a chance yesterday to grab one (or more) of their truly excellent hot-dogs from Herman Ze German’s place in Old Compton Street but this omission will be remedied very soon… Popped quickly into the Wellcome Institute gallery… Read More »Pigs in The Smoke

Cooking the pig the Mountain way

Length: < 1 min Thanks to my son, who bought me this for Christmas, we’re now working our way through the great recipes from Johnnie Mountain’s “Pig: Cooking With A Passion For Pork”. Photographs and success (or failure) stories to follow… You can follow the… Read More »Cooking the pig the Mountain way

Mountain's pig book
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