Ikkai ichi dousa

“One thing at a time”

COVID brain (not that I’ve got or had COVID, no, I speak of the haze, the fuzziness, the inability to concentrate for more than a few minutes) has had a rather iron-hard grip on my days. I’ve about 60 draft pieces sitting, teed up, ready to be worked on, crafted, honed, posted to this site. And for 2 months, nada, nothing.

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So, the Japanese phrase that I saw defined before we travelled to Japan — what seems a distant age, whole geological stratas of time ago now — is apposite.

I’m not going to stress about getting posts out. Equally, I’m going to try to get into — one thing at a time — a steadier cadence that means that I don’t feel that eye-bulging pressure to “get something done”.

They’ll come. Slowly maybe. But they’ll come.

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