Newton’s hams & birds

We visited Newton’s house at Woolsthorpe Manor yesterday. Hugely atmospheric, exciting and an very emotional place. And to hear a talk on the year 1666; his Annus Mirabilis and the most important, intense period of scientific discovery until Einstein, 250 years later.

His kitchen reminds me of the old farmhouse ones we used to live in. Flagstone floors, pantry shelved. Ham (see how I got the pig element in here?), birds and rabbit. Finest kind.


and his apple tree. Protected but still thriving.


I love this man. As well as the scholarly “The Cambridge Companion to Newton”, by the erudite Professor Rob Iliffe who we heard lecture yesterday, I’d also suggest you’ll enjoy reading the fictional depiction of Newton in the beautifully written “Baroque Cycle” by Neal Stephenson.

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