Boars in the woods?

It’s a good thing. And in this lyrically written piece by the very excellent Nick Hunt you’ll find out more.

It’s called “RETURN OF THE FOREIGNERS” and I’d recommend you to it.

Return of the foreigners

© Henry McCausland

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  1. Hah; that’s neat! Thanks for that one 🙂 xx

  2. I only came across him recently but yes, he’s very good. The sort of writing that makes you want to search out everything and enjoy it.

    Boars in the wood are good. Once we’re able to travel and stay at places more safely, there’s a couple I have on my list that we need to go to, to eat them…

    Love to you both xx

  3. Hi Chris
    I’m surprised none of our foreigner visitors haven’t feasted on them! WHat a great read. Never read anything by Nick Hunt before My loss….. so thanks for that.
    Will check out some of his other stuff.

    Gay x

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