“You don’t see many of those around here, do you”?

This is a list of those breeds officially designated a pedigree and/or rare (or even in some cases unfortunately, endangered, depending on the number still left) by those very nice people at the British Pig Association — they do a great job encouraging, assisting and informing people on how to breed, care for and find these lovely beasts. It’s well worth taking some time to look around their site.

I’ve already put up pages covering the history of a lot of these animals, starting with the rarest, the tastiest or the most interesting and will be slowly back-filling the missing ones. Take a look at them as they drop-down under the Breed Histories tab at the top of the page.

And a lot of them also have their own stories in separate posts, so if one particularly takes your fancy — and I’d be more than a little surprised if you didn’t fall in love with at least one of them —  use the Search box, up there on the right, to dig a little deeper.

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