A shout out for the Brussel sprout

It’s close to that particular time of the year when these lovely brassica family vegetables get rolled out across the land. There are those of you who — like the Marmite and liver haters — won’t touch them, thinking them the work of Beelzebub and his many minions. You’re insane of course. They’re gorgeous — and when done well (i.e. not like your Mum used to do, boiling them to within an inch of their life, lank, dulled, limp, tasteless), are a truly great flavour. There’s some good recipes suggested here in a Guardian piece that further enhance these beauties.

© Tamin Jones Guardian

Best way to buy them if you can, is as a stick: that way they stay fresh and ready to go for longer. And in addition you can use the remaining stick to make a handle for a new knife. Just like Nick Johnson, blacksmith and artist does. What are you waiting for? Off you go, buy a stick of sprouts, enjoy the resultant meal and then use the remnants to finish off the knife…


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