Pork belly, tripe & fennel jam

You can choose to frou-frou up this dish, as @RuckerGabriel’s  “Le Pigeon” cookbook shows is possible. Or you can go more hard-core (aka “downmarket”) and be slightly less fussy about looks. If you’ve seen my physog in the mirror…


… you’ll understand why I generally go for the latter — not gussied-up — version of dishes. I mean I can’t have the food looking better than me now can I?

And also, in all honesty, there’s no bloody way on the $Deity’s green Earth that I could get mine looking anywhere near this fucking good. Not in a hundred years.

So, I have shamelessly photographed this recipe (stolen it in other words, as all great artists do) which should stop any of those nasty bad recipe pirates out there merely just cutting & pasting the detail. I have at least bought the damned book and handed over some hard earned folding stuff for the privilege. And would also seriously recommend that you all do likewise (buy a copy that is). Gabriel makes earthy, honest, gutsy food that, despite my comments earlier, isn’t in anyway pretentious or laden with extraneous crap or ‘posh’ bits. Just fresh, great, local ingredients cooked to perfection. And I’m particularly taken with this one, as he chooses to use probably my favourite cut from the pig, alongside tripe, which I admit does tends to polarise opinion — not least in our household.

It would be heartily approved of by Stephane Reynaud of course

I will cook this and show you how mine compares. I’m pretty damn sure it’ll taste pretty good — just maybe not quite as photogenic…


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