Tesco; “lie, steal, cheat & deceive & trample people under their feet”

They’re not alone in this; all of the supermarkets try and con you into believing that their cheap, crap produce actually — and almost miraculously — comes from happy animals, left to run free, gambolling in meadows in the sunny uplands, eating acorns & clover whilst grubbing in the deep dark earth outside their straw strewn warm huts and really, really, truly, pinky-promise honest, not, in anyway, shape or form actually from horrendous factory farmed giant mega-farms where antibiotics are scattered around like Smarties, animals live short brutish lives and the farmers are paid pennies for product that costs them pounds, so they’re forced to cut corners by the rapacious demands of the supermarkets who need more & more money for their hedge-fund backers.

But you, dear reader, you’re not fooled are you? I hope not. I’ve been ranting about this for long enough along with lots of other good people with far higher a public profile than I, who are also fighting this good fight.

Here’s another example of their mendacious advertising. Please, if you still do this, stop, stop, stop buying this rubbish. Support a local farmer and butcher. Support your community. Let’s get rid of the supermarkets.

Tesco pork

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