This cartel of pushers is 100% street-legal

Waste nothing. Remember: wasting meat is just an offal thing to do… Yeah, sorry about that one, I know, I know.

OK, a quick shout-out to the the chefs who’ve setup the Carcass Cartel. Their mission statement:

“The Carcass Cartel is a revolt against waste and an initiative to highlight just how modern, approachable, uncomplicated, delicious and, above all, ethical nose to tail eating can be – spearheaded by some of the UK’s most exciting chefs.”

There’s some interesting names here, inc. Elizabeth Haig of MeiMei

Elizabeth Haig of Carcass Cartel

© Carcass Cartel

Tom Griffiths of Flank and Neil Rankin from the Temper group.

The carcass cartel

They’ve some interesting pieces e.g. on ethically farmed meat and one on “alphabet offal” a subject on which I’m also (still) in the process of writing a long-form piece on. Mine will be better . But it isn’t here yet, so I guess this will do for the moment. It’s not bad…

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