Tonkotsu is ramen; Tonkatsu is pork

But if you get them muddled up when ordering, who cares? They’ll both be delicious. And they both contain pork. Or even just order the two of them and put them both together, holus-bolus. That would be the shit.

“The place served tonkotsu-style ramen—it’s the porkiest ramen broth you can get, with the pork fat emulsified into the broth—and there were bowls of hard-boiled eggs everywhere that customers helped themselves to while they waited for their soup.” Dave Chang of Momofuku

This is what a good tonkotsu looks like, courtesy of this fascinating piece by the always reliable and scientifically rigorous J. Kenji López-Alt …

© J. Kenji López-Alt

…whilst this is his take on tonkatsu in another hugely detailed piece; as always, far more than just a bald recipe.

© J. Kenji López-Alt

2018 and Japan gets closer by the day…



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