Mangalitza goodness & an old friend returns…

The “old friend” is the team at Pitt Cue who, after closing towards the end of last year at their tiny old crib in Soho (where you were rubbing body parts with others if the head-count went over 20), have moved to a larger location at Devonshire Square opening there at the end of last month and with a micro-brewery (The Alphabeta) attached as well. And this place has space for 80+ covers.


They’ve got some great new dishes (as well as some of the old favourites like the marrow bone mash!) but most importantly from my own perspective, is Tom Adam’s sheer delight in the possibilities of all the uses of the meat from the incomparable Mangalitza, a breed on the merits of which I’ve waxed lyrical many times in the past (inc. “Chef Kerridge and a great piece of Mangalitza belly pork“)

Tom Adams loves his pigs. Seriously loves them. On occasions, more than people. I can get behind that point of view. This is just one of the menu boards shown this week. I can’t wait to eat there again. Keep an eye on their Instagram feed.


This little beauty is Mangalitza loin with walnuts. Bred, cured and hung on their farm.

©Tom Adams & Pitt Cue 2015

©Tom Adams & Pitt Cue 2015

Or how about this as some of the ingredients, “four years in the making”…


Oh, and Bitten Written liked ’em as well:


Bookings by email or by calling 0207 324 7770. See you there…

Oh, and “one last thing”. That grill they’re using there? The Grillworks Infierno 154. Takes 3-4 months to even get one delivered. It’s an amazing piece of engineered loveliness. Can’t begin to imagine how much cash money that costs. Or quite where the fuck I could put it in the Ugly Bungalow…

grillworsk inferno154

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